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Do you need a CFO?

Strong financial management is essential for every business. Not only is a business with sound financial management more likely to be profitable but also easier to manage and better equipped to take on new challenges.

A virtual CFO is like an interim CFO or part time CFO that provides the most essential advisory services and is present during the critical moments in your business. Our virtual CFOs are both knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to the problems businesses face in China. Our Virtual CFO provide access to invaluable knowledge of operating a business and a sounding-board to assist you with making important financial decisions.

We use technology and scalable business tools to lower the cost of CFO services – especially for small businesses – and tailor our virtual CFO packages based on the requirements of each and every client. Generally, they tend to be no more than the cost of one full-time employee, while offering the collective experience of multiple senior finance persons.

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Overview of what our shared CFO’s do

Provide a clear picture of the true performance of a business across different product and service lines

Establish procedures to prevent material losses in the business process before they occur

Enables you to understand your businesses cash requirements and available cash holdings to pursue new business opportunities

Accurately analyses the cost and benefits of pursuing a new business opportunity

Help you structure your daily operations to be tax efficient and consult on how to minimize tax liability on a regular basis

Who are virtual CFO services for?


Whether it is to satisfy the requirements of management and investors or to raise funds in the future, start-ups need complete and accurate reports to validate their business. As an added benefit, they also receive a senior financial person to help them correctly structure their business procedures from the outset.

Businesses planning
to grow

Businesses looking to grow find themselves with more questions than answers. A virtual CFO provides the experience and analytical ability to answer many of these questions and helps identify opportunities available to the business. Established businesses also stand to benefit from streamlining their operations with an experienced financial controller at their side.

Multinationals entering

Applying the same management principles in China as overseas can lead to a painful learning curve for multinationals expanding into China. A virtual CFO provides valuable assistance to adapt your business to Chinese characteristics. As an added benefit, our virtual CFO’s are your eyes and ears on the ground that ensure the integrity of your business in China.

Financial Planning & Analysis

To understand a business’s true performance, beyond top-line and bottom-line figures, it takes robust accounting knowledge and strong analytical skills. Turning this newfound understanding into actionable insights that serve your business goals is the essence of what CFO’s do. Our virtual CFO’s ensure the completeness and accuracy of the bookkeeping all the way down to the final insights delivered to you. Our virtual CFO’s ensure that when faced with an important management decision that the necessary financial information is available to you and accurately reflect the true nature of your business.

Tax Planning

An effective tax planning strategy helps to structure the business and its transactions as to not unnecessarily increase its overall tax liability or pay taxes earlier than is required. Our virtual CFO services help you find the most optimal way your business can meet its tax obligations while ensuring complete compliance with applicable regulations. Our process is as follows;

1. Study the nature of your business and its most common transactions

2. Advise on potential tax savings as a result of restructuring the business and/or transactions

3. Implement changes to business procedures and supporting documents necessary to take advantage of the tax savings

4. Regularly audit the process to ensure complete compliance with relevant tax policies

Internal Control

Our virtual CFO services bring extensive financial controlling and risk management experience to your business. Whether you’re a multinational with operations in China or a small business with business partners, our virtual CFO best protects your financial interest by ensuring secure operating procedures. Our knowledge and experience working with clients in China enables us to spot potential problems before they materialize into financial losses for the business or individual investors. Our services include:

Establishing internal control procedures and principles of operation
Independently monitor Chinese business operations
Identifying internal and external risks in the business process before they materialize
Regular audits of internal procedures such as; KPIs, bonuses, and other management metrics

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow shortages can put otherwise great businesses on the brink of disaster. A shared CFO can help your business better understand its cash requirements and plan its future liabilities while maximize cash available to pursue new business opportunities. Our service include:

Forecasting future cash flow
Identifying ways to better manage current assets and liability
Calculating break-even points on individual product & services
Identifying all financing options and suggesting most viable options for the business

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