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China offers many tax incentives and deductions for small businesses and entrepreneurs starting a business. Choosing the right legal structure and then operating according to an optimal tax strategy can mean large saving for the business in the form of less tax burden. We provide tax compliance and advisory services to businesses to find the most optimal way for them to meet their tax obligations in China.

We also provide individual tax services. Whether you are a Director at a newly formed enterprise or an employee of a foreign multinational organization, we help find the most optimal way for you to meet your tax obligations in China.

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Corporate VAT &
Tax Income

All businesses in China are subject to compulsory reporting and tax liability according to their scope of business. Integra provides complete corporate tax compliance services according to monthly, quarterly and annual compulsory filing requirements.

Individual Income

We provide IIT withholding services to both individuals and businesses in China. Whether you’re a Director of a new business or an employee of a multinational, we provide comprehensive tax services to meet your needs.

Foreign Exchange &
Fund Repatriation

Our work with international clients makes us experts at foreign exchange procedures in China. We provides relevant advisory and implementation assistance for foreign exchange and monetary transactions between foreign and local entities in China.


Following the right tax strategy can mean large savings in the form of lower tax burden. We help our clients find the optimal tax strategy and provide implementation assistance to act on that strategy.

Corporate VAT & Tax Income

In China, businesses are required to report their tax liability on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on their registration status followed by a mandatory year-end tax adjustment. We help prepare and administer the necessary documents to meet your tax compliance requirements. We provide:

 Monthly/quarterly Corporate Income Tax and VAT tax filing
 Annual Corporate Income Tax assessment
 Transfer pricing documentation preparation

Individual Income Tax Administration

In China, the employer is required to withhold individual income tax (IIT) on behalf of their employees unless requested otherwise by the employee. Failure to do so could result in heavy penalty and might be detrimental to the operation of the business. We take great care to make sure every step is well taken care of and ensure full compliance:

 Monthly individual income tax (“IIT”) filing
 IIT backlog filing
 Annual IIT assessment
 Tax registration for stock option income,
 IIT calculation and filing

Foreign Exchange & Fund Repatriation

Particularly, monetary transactions among related parties, like service fee, royalty, shareholder loan, etc. have become an area of focus for Chinese tax authorities. We can provide the relevant advisory and implementation assistance services to our clients, including:

 Advisory and implementation assistance on capital injection
 Assistance on fund repatriation
 Remittance assistance on non trade payments to overseas
 Foreign debt application and repayment services
 Payment of salaries to employee’s foreign bank account

Tax Advisory

We leverage our in-depth knowledge of China’s tax regulations and experience to help our client to identify the most optimal way for them to meet their tax obligations in China. This can mean lower tax liability, better cash-flow, and overall a lower tax risk for the business. Our service include:

Preparing and submitting tax optimization schemes and implementation procedures
Service agreement review
Tax deregistration
Transfer pricing document preparation
Specific tax issue settlement

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