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In China, hiring can be straightforward, or it can be complex depending on the terms of employment and the individuals being hired. Employers in China are obligated to withhold on behalf of their employee their individual income tax and pay into the compulsory social insurance and welfare benefits funds every month. Furthermore, constant revision of regulations and procedures, as well as differences between geographical regions, add to the complexity for payroll processing for larger businesses.

Integra Group provides a full range of payroll services and HR administration for both local and expatriate employees no matter the size, geographic location or complexity of your business. We streamline your payroll procedures to create a unified approach to the collection of information and procedures to ensure the efficient and timely release of employee paychecks.

We also provide a strong accounting function to help ensure that you remain profitable while adequately compensating your employees for their contribution to the business.

Payroll services

We offer a full range of payroll services and HR solutions across China for both local and expatriate employees releasing you from the burden of monthly payroll and HR admin work; including timesheets, piecework, overtime, bonuses, allowances and other forms of remuneration. We also assist in establishing payment procedures for your business to unify the collection of information and procedures to ensure the efficient and timely release of employee paychecks.

Payroll calculations including bonuses, over-time, allowances, etc.
Withholding of Individual Income Tax
Administering Social Security and Welfare contributions and other related payments
Administering paychecks and pay-slips

Expatriate services

Applying for the necessary documentation to legal work in China can take up to 1 month and requires the expatriate to provide the necessary documents to certify their eligibility for employment. Integra Group helps to streamline the application process – saving time – and obtain the necessary documents for employment in China as quickly as possible. Our services include;

 Application for foreigner’s and employment permit
 Application for foreigner’s residence permit
 Application for work (Z) and business (M) visa
 Effective tax planning for minimizing personal income tax

Note: China imposes minimum requirements for eligibility for employment in China. If the minimum requirements are met, a scoring system is used to determine the class (A, B, or C) of work permit issued. Click here to view the scoring system to self-assess eligibility.

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