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More than ever before, businesses rely on having the right people at the right moment. Whether you struggle with employee turnover, or deal with seasonal projects, Integra provides flexible Employment Services that remove the burden that comes with managing your own workforce. We provide cost-effective solutions to meet the various workforce requirements of both small businesses and large corporate clients.

Simplify your business

We provide flexible solutions to ensure your important business procedure go uninterrupted during periods of corporate restructuring or other organizational change.

Quickly scale your business

Pay for only what you need, when you need it. Integra Employment Services allow you to quickly scale your business without the complexity of hiring your own workforce.

No Legal Entity Required

Employment Services can fulfill essential business activities – such as sales or liaising with local partners – without requiring you to have a legal entity in China.

Interim Assistance

For businesses that deal with seasonal demand or changes in workload and require flexible workforce solutions, Integra provides Interim Assistance services to handle such challenges. Our Interim Assistance solutions provide financial and HR support services to help you overcome fluctuations in your workload.

Fixed-period outsourcing services for finance and HR
Outsource seasonal demand and changes in workload
Cost-effective and scalable hiring alternatives
No hiring, No admin, No additional costs
Fixed-rate pricing

Business Process Outsourcing

For businesses with large outsourcing requirements, our Business Process Outsourcing services are a flexible and cost-effective solution to make sure your business runs smoothly. We provide all the same benefits of an internal department without the added burden of hiring your own staff.

Work according to your guidelines and procedures
On-site work according to your schedule
Flexible service agreements to handle changes in workload
No hiring, No admin, No additional costs
Fixed-rate pricing

Employee Rental

When circumstances prevent you from hiring key employees to carry out your business, Integra can carry out the desired function on your behalf. We act as a professional employer (PEO) in compliance with PRC labor regulations, to enact the duties of essential employees.

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