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When it comes to accounting and compliance services in China, not all are equal. Trusting an external agent to handle one of the most important aspect of your business is not to be taken lightly. This is why we at Integra Group go to great lengths to ensure the integrity of our client financial reports.

Our approach is to first understand your business, how you operate, the challenges you face. We then tailor our solution to best suit the individual requirements of every client.

Accounting System

Integra helps establish a sound financial function within your business including; configuring software systems, workflow, and internal procedures for accounting related tasks.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Integra accounting services ensures that your financial reports are up-to-date and accurately reflect the status of your business for management purposes.


Outsourcing your treasury management alleviates the burden of daily payments, remittances, and bank transfers according to designated management approval procedures.

Annual Compliance Services

Year-end audits are a requirement in China. We provide quick and easy year end compliance services including annual audits and tax adjustments.

Accounting system setup

Businesses are often pushed toward expensive accounting and ERP systems such as Kingdee, Yonyou, or SAP. We believe in the power of light-weight and scalable cloud-systems. Integra provides accounting system setup using Megi cloud accounting software.

1. Understand what drives your business
2. Personalize our approach
3. Accounting system set-up & data preparation
4. Implement workflow
5. Ongoing monitoring & support

Accounting Services

In China, financial reports must be submitted to the tax bureau and other local authorities on a monthly and quarterly basis. We take great care in preparing your financial report to ensure their accuracy and completeness. We prepare these documents on your behalf in accordance with Chinese regulations, taking into account the prescribed formats for filing purposes. In addition, we also provide you with monthly dashboards and your company ledgers in English, in order to ensure full transparency over your China operations.

Treasury Management

Treasury management is of paramount importance for your investment in China. We act as an independent party to ensure our clients’ funds are deployed following management approval guidelines. Our dedicated account managers act as an independent bank account signatory to facilitate payments, remittances, and transfers. The following are a list of services which we provide to levitate your burden:

 Manual payments and internet banking
 Bank transaction forms filing and submission
 Employee expense reimbursement
 Bank and petty cash reconciliation
 Signatory and approval Services
 Custodian of seals and chops

Annual compliance services

Every company in China is required to conduct an audit of their books and records on an annual basis. At Integra Group, we assist our client to prepare annual filing documents with the respective competent authorities to fully comply with the annual filing requirements.

Download the e-Brochure

Our e-brochure gets you started on a path to better compliance in China. It covers everything you need to know about accounting compliance and reporting, including;

  • How to turn compliance into something beneficial
  • How to take effective steps in mitigating tax risks and the cost of non-compliance
  • Achieving controls that keep your business on the path to success
  • How Integra Group can help you achieve better compliance

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We believe accountants should do more…

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